Thursday, September 23, 2004

Korean Girls singing

I got this clip from a fren of mine quite sometime back and uintil today i'm addicted to it. It's super funny. Just watched it again today. Hope u guys like it.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

My conversation with Peter (Part 2)

"I've been thinking of where to go after our exams and i was thinking of going to New York", i said over dinner with Peter.

"Crazy ah? So expensive and where got things to see one?", he replied.

"Ok wat? There's museums?"

"Crazy ah? Spend so much money go museum and see old things. I go home and look at my parents also the same. Some more save so much money."

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

My conversation with Peter

"Hey u wanna go NATAS travel fair this Sunday? They say got good deal and best bargains", i asked Peter while we were waiting for our bus at the busstop. He replied, " NATAS spelt backwards is SATAN leh. How can believe their words?"

Peter asked, "Hey, u wanna go on Cruise after our exams?"

I replied,"Cruise? Go nowhere and nothing to do."

"Have la. Got on-board casino on board, nice beautiful ship to look at..."

I interupted him and said," scarly the cruise ship is a tongkang, and the on-board casino is basically a Lao Ah Peh dealing cards".

He replied," Aye yah. u so troublesome. Hey, my bus here liao. we next time den discuss la."

Funniest WISP lesson ever

Today, I was prepared to go class and be bored to death but I was wrong. Today was one of the funniest WISP lesson ever.

Ms Ng, my WISP (World Issues: A Singapore Perspective) tutor told us that there would be games today and she went on to talk about some stuff which I can't remember already (evidence that it was boring).

She was giving her real life experience in China about 2 years back. She and some other diplomats decided to head to KFC for a meal. After ordering a huge tub of chickens, they realised that they don't provide chilli sauce. A Malaysian diplomat reached into her bag and bring out......sambal blachan!!!! Who in the right mind brings that in their handbag?

On the topic of social-cultural globalization, she asked us what is essential in a movie to make it a hit worldwide and that everyone around the world can understand. A student answered, "I know. SEX!" The whole class roared with laughter.

Monday, September 20, 2004

So little time

Projects, projects and more projects. So many things to do with so little time. How I wish a day has 72 hours instead of 24 hours. Sometimes I wish I could stay up the whole night to do my work but instead, I'll fall asleep.
I read from somewhere that a particular Indian guy only needs to sleep 5 hours a week and by the time he's 18, he gotten his PhD. How I wish I can be like him. If I were to sleep 5 hours a week, there will only be 2 outcome. I'll either have very big and black eyebags with only an O level cert or i'll be dead by 18 with big and black eye bags and a PSLE cert.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Outing to Marina South

I went for an outing to Marina South with the YTFer. I can't remember the exact date though. I went there with the GTFers and we had lots of fun playing games.
After that we went to another area to fly kites and that was when i realised that i'm not very good at flying kites. How I wish someone invented those battery operated kites den i can "hao lian" to those good kite flyers I can fly kites better den them.
The best thing for the day was the steamboat dinner. It was extremely good except for the "healthy" soup. I can't really remember what was discussed over dinner but all I can remember was the following sentences that I said throughout the steamboat dinner:
" Daniel, is this cooked?"
" Daniel, is this nice?"
" Damn nice man. Can u pass me some of that?"
" Can i try some of that?"
" Daniel, is this cooked?"
" Daniel, is this nice?" ..............